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Experience. Engineering. Excellence.

From breaking fresh ground for Indian Infrastructure to nurturing the earth with harvests of prosperity - From mobilizing the economy on the rail-tracks of progress to being its driving force on the highways of the nation - We at Escorts Kubota Ltd. are transforming lives, with the power of technology and imagination.

Committed to engineer a better world, we combine endless possibilities of human caliber with innovative engineering solutions. Today, and every day, we help fulfill aspirations of every life we touch.

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From a small agency house in 1944 to one of the largest engineering conglomerates in India, the saga of our ascent is entwined in the evolving dynamics of India’s economic progress. In a journey of seven pioneering decades, we have reshaped, redefined and reinvented, the way India lives, works and travels.

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Escorts Kubota Limited's vision is to be among the top engineering companies in India. We shall achieve this goal by being the preferred solution provider to the needs of our customers, by practicing respectful and ethical business practices, by being the employer of choice within the engineering industry, and by providing superior returns to our investors.

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Training & Development : At Escorts Kubota Ltd., sustained improvement in quality, products and processes, forms the core of our ethos and working style. This is only possible if we expand the potential of our intellectual capital through rigorous training programs. Recognizing this need for systematic training and education, we set up the Escorts Kubota Ltd. Training & Development Centre (ETDC), in 1969 at Bangalore.

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Escorts Kubota Ltd. Results for Q4FY24 ended March, 2024

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The leadership team of Escorts Kubota Ltd. has been instrumental in chartering the growth of the company as a trusted agricultural and infrastructure solutions brand. Our leaders have played a remarkable role in leveraging Escorts Kubota's inherent strengths to navigate unprecedented challenges and grow consistently in capabilities, influence, technology and response to customer needs.

People. Pride. Performance.

Our people are our greatest asset. They represent a rare synergy of human genius applied to life-changing processes and technologies. We have always respected ability in our people and nurture their potential through regular, training, inculcation of best-in-class work practices and rewarding excellence.

We understand, our products and services are the result of efforts of those who devote their talent, expertise, dedication and creativity to our success.