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Experience. Engineering. Excellence.

From breaking fresh ground for Indian Infrastructure to nurturing the earth with harvests of prosperity - From mobilizing the economy on the rail-tracks of progress to being its driving force on the highways of the nation - We at Escorts Kubota Limited are transforming lives, with the power of technology and imagination.

Committed to engineer a better world, we combine endless possibilities of human caliber with innovative engineering solutions. Today, and every day, we help fulfill aspirations of every life we touch.

Our foray into farm mechanization has helped transform the farmland challenges of rural India, into yields of opportunity. We are helping India strengthen its presence in the agri sector and make this core segment one of the strongest contributors to the national economy. By customizing our products around specific farmer needs, we are not only enhancing their productivity, but also bringing happiness and prosperity to their doorstep.

At CE, our goal is not merely nation building; it is to create conditions for maximization of national economic strength, which carries deep into the growth graphs of future. We provide equipment for material handling, road building, and earth moving, addressing the large national opportunity with a comprehensive basket of products. In doing so, we help meet the growing requirements of the country's infrastructure development, realty, and mining sectors.

At RED, we ensure safety, comfort and reliability to address the growing needs rail travel in the country. The keynote of our strategy is to have a presence across the rolling stock segments for passenger coaches, locomotives, wagons, EMUs and Metro/MRTS. This approach is complemented by a strong focus on the principles of lean and frugal engineering and operational excellence.

    Committed to engineer a better world, we combine endless possibilities of human caliber with innovative engineering solutions. Today, and every day, we help fulfill aspirations of every life we touch.

    We believe in sustaining our growth curve, both organically and through astute product definitions. Consequently, with a seamless weave of experience, engineering and excellence, we stand in the vanguard of progress, among the industry leaders in our chosen sphere.

    Imagine. Invent. Improve.

    Since inception, we remain pledged to empower our customers with innovative products and solutions that are truly world-class, path-breaking and future-ready. The Escorts Knowledge Management Centre, set up in 1976, endorses this ethos.

    Tried. Tested. Trusted.

    Our approach to manufacturing excellence is customtailored to catalyze performance and avoid pitfalls. We focus on the core essentials of the manufacturing discipline— how efficiently and safely are our processes functioning? What can we do today to optimize today’s production? And how can we transmute today’s successes into a sustainable business future?

    Aspire. Aim. Achieve.

    At Escorts Kubota limited, our ambition is spearheaded by a strong customer focus. And our greatest reward is the smile of satisfaction we bring to our customers’ faces. We understand that when we put those we serve first, we end up in the same place ourselves. Yes! We have been recognized and lauded, in our journey of excellence. But, to us, each recognition is a stepping stone, urging us to strive harder, faster, stronger.

    Technological and business collaboration with world leaders over the years, Globally competitive indigenous engineering capabilities, over 1600 sales and service outlets and footprints in over 40 countries have been instrumental in making Escorts Kubota limited the Indian multinational.

    At a time when the world is looking at India as an outsourcing destination, Escorts Kubota limited is rightly placed to be the dependable outsourcing partner of world's leading engineering corporations looking at outsourcing manufacture of engines, transmissions, gears, hydraulics, implements and attachments to tractors, and shock absorbers for heavy trailers.