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RNIL focus areas

A. Tractor Based Focus:
  1. Technologies to boost power, reduce fuel consumption
  2. Electric Tractor  technology for low cost Li-ion or other battery options to reduce input cost
  3. High Quality Paint low-cost & high-quality technology
  4. Telematics / Sensors telematics or predictive forecasting technology on tractors
  5. Precision and automation based tractor accessories and technology
B. Implement Based Focus:
  1. Innovative technology based Spraying solution manual spraying cause health problems / unproductive and time consuming
  2. Land preparation, seeding & harvesting units   Sugarcane harvester / cutter (current solutions are too expensive and need customized innovative solutions)
  3. Precision guidance and crop compatibility  value based Rotavator to decrease fuel cost and add benefits for premium and better margins
  4. Weed Management & Stubble/Residue burning addressable technology  Weed management & control technologies & solutions to address sustainability & residue wastage and burning issue
  5. Soil Health Analysis  
  6. Smart Water Management – Smart water management, moisture indexing and water mapping project for smart irrigation and reduce water wastage
  7. Alternate Fuel  Methane, fossil fuel, solar technologies
  8. Aleternate and productive Fertilizer
C. Innovative ideas on getting farmers a better price on produce
D. Innovative start-up ideas on better farming logistics management
E. Innovative start-up ideas on getting youth back to agriculture inducing agriprenueurship
F. Innovative way to make each farmer accessible to farm and crop intelligence and advisory
G. Urban Infrastructure
H. Advanced Railway Technologies